Dr. Carroll-Scott: Nurturing Patient Relationships with Medici


Dr. Tina Carroll-Scott, pediatrician and medical director of the South Miami Children’s Clinic just can’t get enough of Medici. As a twenty-three year veteran of the medical profession, she is always looking for innovative new ways to meet her patient’s needs. The Medici app fits the bill perfectly by allowing her to incorporate telehealth into her practice.

Dr. Carroll-Scott Talks Medici and Telehealth with CBS Miami

CBS Miami caught up with Dr. Carroll-Scott to discuss how she has made telehealth a regular part of her practice and sent patient satisfaction through the roof with Medici. The segment aired March 14 as part of the Health Watch section of CBS Miami’s nightly broadcast. In it, Dr. Carroll-Scott details how Medici has taken her practice to the next level by allowing her to talk, text or share photos with patients outside of normal office hours.

Ayesha, a mother of one of Dr. Carroll-Scott’s patients loves Medici and the enhanced relationship she has with Dr. Carroll-Scott because of it. She told CBS Miami that it all comes down to convenience of care given how hectic her daily schedule is. Medici allows her to speak with Dr. Carroll-Scott right on her cell phone without having to travel or wait for an appointment.

Currently, over half of Dr. Carroll-Scott’s consultations – between 35 to 40 per week – are done through the Medici app. And Dr. Carroll-Scott is just one of the growing number of doctors looking to incorporate telemedicine into their practice as the market for it expands. It’s estimated that seven million patients will be turning to telemedicine this year and that by 2020 it will become a $36.2 billion industry.

Medici Helps Solve Doctor Pain Points

Medici also had a chance to sit down with Dr. Carroll-Scott to hear about her daily pain points and how using Medici has solved for many of them.

More and more Dr. Carroll-Scott saw her patients going to the emergency room or urgent care centers after hours, which is costly and disrupts continuity of care. After making Medici a part of her practice, Dr. Carroll-Scott is able handle many of the low acuity concerns completely online. Now, patients and their families can avoid trips to the ER or an urgent care facility and follow up with their own pediatrician when issues arise.

“At the end of the day, Medici really strengthens the patient-physician bond.” Dr Carroll-Scott told us, “I have patients tell me every single day, this is the best thing you could have done for your practice.”

And what about maintaining a work-life balance? Initially, Dr. Carroll-Scott was concerned that having patients reaching out to her throughout the day would be overwhelming. Now, however, she actually prefers communicating through the Medici app.

“I think my life as a pediatrician has been so much better since I implemented Medici in my practice. As physicians, if we want to move with the times, we’re going to have to offer this as a service.”

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