11 Benefits of Telemedicine to Private Physician Practices

Most providers understand what telemedicine is these days, yet there still seems to be a lot of skepticism on whether or not they should incorporate it into their practice.

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Telemedicine Software Essentials

Most providers don’t get into healthcare because they love evaluating, implementing, and using new software technology, but it is becoming an increasingly important part of the job. This is a...

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10 Fool-proof Ways to Increase Patient Retention

Having long-term, established patients is a crucial component to any well-run practice. Bringing on new patients is no easy feat. Good business strategists understand that holding on to existing...

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8 Steps to a Highly Successful Telemedicine Program

Implementing a telemedicine program is a great way to increase practice revenue and delight your patients at the same time. Virtual visits are a huge convenience for patients and an opportunity to...

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What Your Patients Want to Know About Virtual Visits

If you’ve decided to introduce telemedicine to your practice, congratulations! You’ll find that it can help boost practice revenue, improve patient outcomes, protect against new types of competition,...

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