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Telemedicine Pros and Cons

We provide technology to help healthcare providers incorporate telemedicine into their practice, so obviously, we see telemedicine as something that can benefit both practices and patients. The...

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Selecting Telemedicine Software: Top 5 Questions to Ask

Chances are you have already adopted a telemedicine solution. The novel coronavirus forced all of us to quickly learn new ways to communicate, deliver, and receive healthcare. If it wasn’t for ...

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Telehealth in the Time of COVID-19

The following was originally published on The National Law on 05 May 2020. It is presented here in its original format.

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Better Health Care, From A Distance

As COVID-19 increases social distancing across the U.S., health care systems nationwide are scrambling to implement telemedicine care for non-emergency patients. For Clint Phillips, the CEO of...

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How Using Medici for Telemedicine Pays for Itself

Maybe you’re being forced to find a telehealth solution during the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is practicing social distancing and many communities are under stay-at-home orders.

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