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Patients: How to Prepare for a Virtual Visit with Medici

With the world focused on the coronavirus, you still have other medical conditions you are dealing with.

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3 Types of Patient Encounters Ideal for Telemedicine

There are many types of visits well-suited for virtual care. And with the coronavirus pandemic forcing you to change the way you work, you may need to rethink how some of your visits could be done...

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COVID-19 Resources Directory

Here are some resources for both healthcare providers and their patients to stay current on the evolving news surrounding COVID-19.

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Are Your Older Patients Ready For Telemedicine?

With everyone asked to practice social distancing and more of the population ordered to stay home each day, you need a telemedicine solution to keep taking care of your patients.

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Teletriage Your Patients With Medici

Sometimes having your front office triage your patients over the phone is not enough. Sure, you can implement questionnaires so your front office can screen for patients exhibiting the symptoms of...

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