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No Headaches for Busy Patients

Radio 702 sat down with Medici recently to discuss how the innovative mobile app is creating waves in the healthcare community and providing busy patients with easy access to their entire network of...

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Dr. Carroll-Scott: Nurturing Patient Relationships with Medici

Dr. Tina Carroll-Scott, pediatrician and medical director of the South Miami Children’s Clinic just can’t get enough of Medici. As a twenty-three year veteran of the medical profession, she is...

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Secrets to Success from Medici Founder Clint Phillips

If you are looking to increase your productivity and overall peace of mind, why not start with advice from some of the top influencers in business and technology? Built in Austin had a chance to...

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Increasing Healthcare Independence One Consult at a Time

It's an understatement to say that the market has seen an influx of new healthcare technologies in recent years. Wearables like the Fitbit and Apple Watch are now common staples. Sensors like the...

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CES Las Vegas 2018: Health Technology Solves Problems Around Patient Data

Medici’s CEO Clint Phillips was invited to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. The CES 2018 Physicians Tour Showcases Convergence of Personal Health Diagnostics and Telehealth...

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