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Dr. Carroll-Scott: Nurturing Patient Relationships with Medici

Dr. Tina Carroll-Scott, pediatrician and medical director of the South Miami Children’s Clinic just can’t get enough of Medici. As a twenty-three year veteran of the medical profession, she is...

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Increasing Healthcare Independence One Consult at a Time

It's an understatement to say that the market has seen an influx of new healthcare technologies in recent years. Wearables like the Fitbit and Apple Watch are now common staples. Sensors like the...

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SAVA Introduces Medici to their Members

Medici was featured this week in Vet News, the South African Veterinary Association’s monthly publication that allows them to communicate to members. The association introduced the Medici app to...

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Medici allows users to message their healthcare providers

Listen to the CEO of Medici, Clint Phillips speak about how Medici enables mobile communications between patients & doctors in his interview with Cheddar.

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Medici: a new app that connects healthcare professionals to patients

In an increasingly disjointed world, one of the hardest things to do is to engage directly with one’s medical professionals.

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